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Eclat Pink Diamond Band

Sale price$3,425.00

Introducing our 18K Rose Gold Eclat Pink Diamond Band — a luxurious and feminine piece that showcases a row of captivating pink diamonds at the center. Crafted in exquisite 18K white gold with accents of 18K rose gold, this band delivers a rich and sophisticated look. The 0.31 carats of pink diamonds, set in rose gold, are complemented by an additional 0.31 carats of sparkling white diamonds, creating a harmonious and elegant design.

Key Features:

  • Metal Karat: 18K White Gold (Primary) and 18K Rose Gold (Secondary)
  • Total Diamond Ct. Weight: 0.62 (0.31 pink diamonds + 0.31 white diamonds)
  • Length: 5.58
  • Width: 5.25
  • Shank Thickness: 1.9
  • Feminine Elegance: Row of Pink Diamonds

Luxurious Pink Diamond Center: The Eclat Pink Diamond Band features a row of 0.31 carats of exquisite pink diamonds at the center, creating a luxurious and feminine focal point. The pink diamonds are carefully set in rose gold to enhance their beauty and charm.

Sophisticated Two-Tone Design: Crafted with precision, the band showcases a sophisticated two-tone design with 18K white gold as the primary metal and accents of 18K rose gold. This combination adds depth and dimension to the overall aesthetic.

Harmonious Diamond Composition: To complete the look, an additional 0.31 carats of sparkling white diamonds are strategically set, complementing the pink diamonds and adding a harmonious sparkle. The careful arrangement ensures a balanced and elegant composition.

Feminine and Rich Aesthetic: The Eclat Pink Diamond Band is designed to evoke a sense of femininity and richness, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of colored diamonds. Its timeless design allows for versatile styling on various occasions.

Crafted for Lasting Elegance: Meticulously crafted in high-quality 18K white and rose gold, the Eclat Pink Diamond Band is designed for lasting elegance and enduring beauty. The secure setting of the diamonds ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

Ring Size:

Ring Size

SKU: UR1322WR-BA-18K
Eclat Pink Diamond Band front
Eclat Pink Diamond Band Sale price$3,425.00