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Teardrop Diamond Pave Diamond Bangle

Sale price$1,925.00

Introducing our exquisite Round Diamond Bezel Bangle, a perfect fusion of sophistication and subtle glamour. Meticulously crafted in high-quality 14k White Gold, this bangle showcases a singular round diamond set in a captivating bezel setting, making it a timeless and versatile addition to your jewelry collection.

Key Features:

  • Diamond Color: H
  • Jewelry Type: Bangles
  • Length: 2.50 inches
  • Width: 6.78 inches
  • Primary Metal: 14k White Gold
  • Shape: Round
  • Diamond Setting: Bezel
  • Diamond Quantity: 1
  • Diamond Ct. Weight: 0.02
  • Diamond Max Color: G
  • Diamond Clarity: SI1
  • Diamond Max Clarity: VS2

Captivating Design: Embrace the allure of minimalism with our Round Diamond Bezel Bangle. The singular round diamond, set delicately in a bezel, adds a touch of brilliance to this refined piece. The 2.50-inch length and 6.78-inch width ensure a comfortable fit while allowing the diamond to take center stage.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision in 14k White Gold, this bangle not only radiates elegance but also ensures durability and longevity. The bezel setting offers a sleek and secure way to showcase the diamond, making it a perfect accessory for everyday wear or special occasions.

Diamond Brilliance: With a diamond color grade of H, this bangle exudes a subtle warmth that complements the brilliance of the G max color diamond. The diamond's SI1 clarity ensures a captivating sparkle, while the maximum VS2 clarity guarantees exceptional quality and visual appeal.

Versatile Elegance: Whether worn alone for a touch of understated luxury or layered with other bracelets for a more impactful look, the Round Diamond Bezel Bangle effortlessly transitions from day to night. Its timeless design makes it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Indulge in Subtle Luxury: Experience the beauty of a singular diamond accentuated by the purity of 14k White Gold. The Round Diamond Bezel Bangle is not just jewelry; it's a symbol of refined taste and enduring style.

Elevate your jewelry collection with this exquisite bangle. Order now and adorn yourself with the understated luxury of our Round Diamond Bezel Bangle.

SKU: EB1021
Teardrop Diamond Pave Diamond Bangle
Teardrop Diamond Pave Diamond Bangle Sale price$1,925.00