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Wavy Diamond Ring

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Introducing our 14K Yellow Gold Wavy Diamond Band — a dazzling and elegant piece that seamlessly blends vibrant yellow diamonds with sparkling white diamonds. Crafted in lustrous 14K yellow gold, this band features a captivating wavy design adorned with 0.14 carats of brilliant yellow diamonds set in a pave. Additionally, sparkling white diamonds, totaling 0.19 carats, are thoughtfully set alongside the colorful stones, creating a stunning contrast.

Name: Radiant Wavy Diamond Band

Key Features:

  • Metal Karat: 14K Yellow Gold
  • Total Diamond Ct. Weight: 0.33 (0.14 yellow diamonds + 0.19 white diamonds)
  • Diamond Setting: Pave Setting
  • Length: 3.46
  • Width: 3.13
  • Shank Thickness: 1.65

Elegant Wavy Design: The Radiant Wavy Diamond Band showcases an elegant and captivating wavy design, adding a touch of sophistication and visual interest to your jewelry collection. The fluid curves create a harmonious and graceful aesthetic.

Vibrant Yellow Diamonds: 0.14 carats of vibrant yellow diamonds are meticulously set in a pave setting along the wavy band, infusing the piece with a burst of color and radiance. The yellow diamonds add a lively and joyful element to the design.

Contrast with White Diamonds: Sparkling white diamonds, totaling 0.19 carats, are carefully set alongside the yellow diamonds, creating a beautiful contrast that enhances the overall brilliance of the band. The combination of colors adds depth and dimension to the piece.

Crafted for Timeless Beauty: Meticulously crafted in high-quality 14K yellow gold, this band is designed to showcase timeless beauty and enduring elegance. The polished finish and precise diamond setting contribute to the overall sophistication of the piece.

Ring Size:

Ring Size

SKU: NR1004
Wavy Diamond Ring, yellow gold
Wavy Diamond Ring Sale price$1,825.00